The Valpolicella is located north of Verona. It borders the Lake Garda to the west and is protected by the Lessini Mountains to the east and to the north. It covers Verona foothills area, which is part of the Eastern Alps.

From a morphological point of view, Valpolicella landscape has a very heterogeneous structure. We can ideally think of Valpolicella as a fan-shaped territory, formed by a series of valleys originating in Verona area and developing towards the north.

Valpolicella landscape is characterized by hills, soft slopes and hill-high watersheds, mostly covered with vineyards, olive and cherry trees. This territory’s geological and climatic features are the basis for the production of original and typical wines.

Vines are traditionally pergola-trained, according to the typical “pergola Veronese” system. Valpolicella winemakers’ experience draws both on traditional and innovative techniques. To help the spread of innovation, over the last few years the Consortium for the Tutelage of Valpolicella Wines has been contributing to the promotion of sustainable and environment-friendly grapevine growing techniques.